Our Services

There are many ways to use our system.

Electronic Medical Records

Our system can integrate with any electronic medical record a facility may be using. Most electronic medical records have not been able to integrate the ordering process from a physician’s ordering sheet, but our system is an adjunct to a medical record for ordering. This results in the order going directly into the facilities’ EMR. The advantage: lab results no longer have to be scanned into the record.

Accountable Care

Our data program, Quality Validation/Outcome system, focuses on saving dollars, monitoring clinical laboratory results and assessing the availability of data retrieval on an ongoing basis. Since all our information is expressed in “real time,” the ordering of medications and treatments enables physicians to treat residents more appropriately. It also provides Administrators and Medical Directors with a monitoring tool for physicians serving the facility allowing them to determine if appropriate care is being delivered. Multifacility owners can use this information to do comparative analysis of their nursing homes in relation to the outcome of resident care. For example:

  1. The quantifying of infections by facility and unit.
  2. The effective monitoring of Hemoglobin levels
  3. The identification of the appropriate use of Aranesp and Procrit
  4. The tracking of anti coagulant Medication Administration dealing with the use of Coumadin. 
  5. The definition of weight loss or gain and the relationship to albumin and pre albumin results.
  6. The utilization of the clinical laboratory concerning the activities of providing service.

These, along with other reports, are available for the administration on a monthly basis to identify ways to improve resident outcomes and decrease costs.

On-Site Services

In addition to being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week our staff is on site routinely to work with the nursing staff on an ongoing basis. This includes training your staff how to use our system and covering any information concerning clinical lab outcomes.