Hospital Partnership

Helping Hospital Labs Make the Shift from Cost Center to Revenue Center.

From the need to provide 24/7 operations to high capital costs and around-the-clock staffing levels, hospitals’ laboratories are one of their most significant cost centers.

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Why Partner with Us?

Because we can help change that. Recognizing that most hospital labs are an underutilized resource and have excess capacity and the ability to conduct more tests, our model can help hospitals to:

  • Enhance profitability
  • Turn their lab into a significant revenue center
  • Provide a valuable service to the community

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By developing programs that utilize a hospital's existing inpatient laboratory during non-peak periods. These specialized programs will provide laboratory services to nursing homes, assisted living communities, physicians’ offices and other healthcare providers within the community.

What We Do . . .

Laboratory Outreach Solutions offers a state-of-the-art, web-based outreach information system that addresses the uniqueness of services that must be provided to long-term care centers, assisted living communities and physicians’ offices. 

Our model speeds up the transfer of information and also provides the basic foundation for the integration of diagnostic information into electronic medical records.

Our proven and experienced staff handles the pre- and post-analytical functions as well as all the other non-laboratory outreach-related functions to build and maintain a viable and profitable service.

We serve as the conduit between the hospital lab and outside providers. We manage the phlebotomist and perform all the marketing functions for entities within the market area.

“Profitable growth and improved quality is the focus of our team. We achieve this through a strategy specifically designed for individual hospitals.” 
– Doug Kosmin, Director of New Business Development, Laboratory Outreach Solutions